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We started C2M Beta so that I could contribute to and share in the experience of bringing bold new ideas into the world with other founders.

I can still remember the anticipation, then fear, and finally exhilaration of launching my first online service, Microsoft HomeAdvisor. It was early 1996 and we all gathered around a screen as the site went live. Would anyone show up? At first there were dozens of visitors, then hundreds, and eventually millions. Watching the visitors engage on the site felt like magic!

For the past 25 years I have worked with teams, founders, mentors, and investors collaborating on projects that exercise the dynamics between idea and impact. Some small, some global scale. All, super interesting!

Since moving to Montana four years ago I have continued this journey, mostly working 1:1 as an advisor to founders. While the work has been rewarding, the 1:1 format leaves out the richness of diverse perspectives, peer support, and shared learn that is the lifeblood of the startup experience. C2M was conceived by Joe Fanguy at Blackfoot Communications as a means of bridging this gap. Please join me and we can transform ideas into impact together!

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